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Insoles and Arch Supports

Birkenstock Arch Support Footbeds
Birkenstock Foam Insoles

If you like our Insoles, you'll love Birkenstock Shoes and Sandals. These Insoles are made to be worn in other brands of shoes because they are already built into our footwear.

The Famous Birkenstock Blue Footbed

Birkenstock Insole

The Blue Footbed is our most common shoe insert. It comes in two styles and three widths. The "Traditional or Heeled" model is for shoes that have a heel, like pumps. Sometimes people with really high arches will use these even in flat shoes to get more arch support since the arch sits up higher.

The "Sport or Casual" model is what we usually sell, since it is best equipped for most shoes, which are shoes that sit flat or have a slight heel lift. As for the widths, the regular width in both styles are most commonly purchased. The medium width is narrow enough for most people who have narrow feet. The narrow width is extremely narrow. If you put the blue footbed on the ground and stand on it, the ball of the foot should mostly be off the end of it.

The Blue Footbed's lightweight compact design makes it easy to slide in and out of your favorite shoes. Blue silk liners absorb moisture. High flanges and deep heelcups provide excellent stability, firm support and long-term comfort. Cork and nylon construction provides shock absorption and flexible support. These footbeds help distribute your body weight more evenly across your feet. Try them for a few weeks then go back to wearing your shoes without them, and you will wonder how you got by without your supportive Blue Footbed.

Most likely you will wear the same size footbed as your classic style Birkenstocks, but you may require a smaller size insole. The photo above shows you how they should fit. Most people wear the regulars. The mediums are already on the narrow side, so before ordering a narrow width in these make sure that your foot is really narrow. The cork piece on the bottom of the blue footbed is made to be cut, IF NEEDED, to adjust for Pronation or Supination. Another words you can cause it to tilt to the left or right by trimming the cork bar or circle on the bottom side. If you have a foot doctor, he/she should be able to help you with this. Birkenstock Insoles
Air Cushion Insoles

Birkenstock Air Cushion Insoles:

Birkenstock's Air Cushion Insoles add cushioned comfort, shock absorption and reduce heel slippage in all shoes. Also excellent for sensitive feet. 3/4 Length (Toe-free) design allows freedom of movement. Use full length as replacement insoles in athletic, running and walking shoes.

Birkenstock Ladies' Air Cushion:

This is the Birkenstock durable metatarsal arch cushion that works best in pumps and slingback shoes. These come with a self adhesive bottom for slip control.

Ladies' Air Cushion Insoles

Birkenstock Foot Care
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Birkenstock Foot Care Products Foot Buffer
Use in the tub or shower to smooth rough heels, feet, elbows. #070910

Foot Soak Tub
Use with noppy mat in bottom. Add warm water and relax your feet after a long day. #071800.

Noppy Mat
Stand on mat and walk in place 3-5 minutes to stimulate and relax tired feet. #071900.

Knee Cushion:

The Birkenstock Knee Cushion is anatomically formed to distribute your body weight evenly and take the pressure off your knees and joints. This lowers the risk of damage to your body, reduces pain, and makes kneeling easier. Use it in the garden, for outside work (car or house), and inside work (house, library and maintenance and even bathing your baby).


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