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Birkenstock Shoe and Sandal Repair

Send in Your Shoes or Sandals Send in your Birkenstock Shoes or Sandals for a tune-up and keep them!

Birkenstocks can be maintained just like a car to give you many more miles out of your investment. After factoring in the original price you paid for your sandals and the price of repair work, your Birkenstocks may only be costing you around $10.00 per year. Many people have had their Birkenstocks for 15, 20, 25, even 30 years.

The purpose of these services are to allow you to keep wearing the same, already molded, footbed. Recycling your sandals is easy: just send them in!

Please make any Checks or Money Orders payable to

Please add $10.50 for UPS ground shipping for return shipping.

FREE Birkenstock Cork Reseal

Our Birkenstock Repair Shop

We Do Custom Birkenstock Repairs!

We repair all Classic type models that have glued on soles with the cork showing on the footbed. (Sorry, no stiched-on repairs)

If you would like to have us repair your Birkenstock shoes or sandals, simply fill-out a Repair Request Form, available here. Repair Request Form

Please include your name, return address, phone number, and form of payment. Make a note to us if we need to call you with an estimate before performing any work!

3523 S. Higuera St, #B
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
ATT: Repair Center

Call us TOLL FREE at 1-877-SLO-BIRK

Click Here to purchase Birkenstock arch support footbeds.
Click here to purchase Birkenstock Foam Insoles.

Create Your Own Style - Customize your Birkenstocks to the exact look you want.
You can have one of a kind original Birkenstocks! Call us toll free at 1-877-SLO-BIRK to receive the pricing for custom Birkenstocks.

Please make any Checks or Money Orders payable to

Unrepaired Birkenstocks
Custom Repaired Birkenstocks
Unrepaired Birkenstocks
Custom Repaired Birkenstocks
Unrepaired Birkenstocks
Custom Repaired Birkenstocks

Other Custom Repairs
Custom Repaired BirkenstocksCustom Repaired BirkenstocksCustom Repaired Birkenstocks

Cork: A Natural Resource

Cork is the basis of our renowned Birkenstock footbeds. Cork is a natural resource with ideal properties. It is lightweight, flexible, absorbs minimal amounts of water, and has an antibacterial quality. It takes only a decade for the cork oak tree to develop a layer of useable cork. The cork bark is carefully removed so the tree trunk won't be damaged. It takes 30-40 years for a tree to yield its first harvest. The bark is stored outside for about 1 to 2 years; then it is boiled in water and cut into strips, ground and sifted into different size granules. Depending upon the use, granules are sorted by 3-4 weight classes. Birkenstock only uses the lightest and best grade cork available.

(Tax is charged on materials for California residents only.)

Please make any Checks or Money Orders payable to

Please add $10.50 for UPS ground shipping for return shipping.

Basic Classic EVA Resole Adults
$25.00 / $29.00
Basic Classic EVA Resole Kids
$11.00 / $23.00
Basic Classic EVA w/heel wedge Resole
$32.00 / $20.00
1/3 Resole (Heel or Toe)
$12.00 / $17.00
Taps (Small banana shape plastic)
$4.00 / $4.00
Heel Plates (Dense plastic larger than taps)
$6.00 / $8.00
A liner is the thin strip of leather under your feet that lines the footbed
Relining-Suede (Specify Brown or Beige)
$21.00 / $18.00
Relining-Smooth Leather (Specify Black or Brown)
$27.00 / $18.00
Bumpers include a new sole as well, because the leather that covers the cork, wraps under the shoe. We need to tear off and toss out the existing sole.
Bumpers (Leather over cork on Classic styles)
$32.00 / $45.00
Bumpers (On clog such as Boston)
$26.00 / $41.00
A footbed transfer will completely remove your existing straps, the uppers, and remount them on a brand new classic footbed. This is a chance for you to change footbed size if you want. Non-Birkenstock stores have a habit of misfitting people in the wrong length or width. If this has happened to you, now is your chance to get the size you really need.
Footbed Transfer
$59.00 / $23.00
Soft Footbed Transfer
$69.00 / $23.00
High-Arch Footbed (limited sizing available)
$69.00 / $23.00
Lifts and platforms can be done as a straight lift or as a heel lift. Be sure to give us exact measurements. If possible send us one of your current lifts or shoes. After we take the measurements from it we will send it back ASAP. Platforms are done to both shoes and cost twice the price as lifts. We do not recommend going higher than 3/4" for platforms. Also, its better to wear your Birkenstocks first and let them break in a little, then put on a platform lift.
$15.00 / $21.00
$18.00 / $24.00
$20.00 / $27.00
$22.00 / $30.00
$23.00 / $33.00
1"+ Call our repair center toll free at
In order for us to price cork repair we must have the sandals or clogs in our hands. Usually if its just a few little spots it could be just $5.00. If you need a full re-cork, all the way around both shoes, it may be as high as $30.00.

This process only replaces the outer cork, not the whole footbed
Cork Patching
$5.00 - $20.00
$3.00 / $2.00 - $17.00
Full Re-cork
$21.00 - $31.00
$15.00 - $25.00 / $6.00
Grind Off & Reseal Old Sealer
$1.00 / $14.00
There are many alterations we can make to the cork/latex footbed. Some people need the toe grip ground because they have hammer toes. Or some people have a brace that needs to fit flat into the footbed. In which case we grind out all the arches. The most common ones are listed below and prices are per shoe.

If you need something custom, give us a call Toll Free at 1-877-SLO-BIRK
Grind Out Toe Grip
$0.00 / $12.00
Grind Off Toe Rim
$0.00 / $10.00
Grind Out a Piece of Grip, Rim, or Arch
$0.00 / $7.00
Grind Out Part of The Arch
$0.00 / $12.00
Grind Out All Arches & Toe Grip
$0.00 / $24.00
Single Buckle Replacement
$2.00 / $8.00
Double Buckle Replacement
$4.00 / $16.00
Triple Buckle Replacement
$6.00 / $32.00
Rivet Replacement (per rivet)
$1.00 / $4.00

* If you have a pair of Birkenstocks with stitched on soles but we do not do the repair on your particular model, still can sell you the sole replacement. Please contact us 877-SLO-BIRK for more information.

Birkenstock Sandal Half-Resole Before
Birkenstock Sandal Half-Resole After
1/2 Resole Before
1/2 Resole After
Birkenstock Sandal Upper Transfer Before
Birkenstock Sandal Upper Transfer After
Upper Transfer Before
Upper Transfer After
Birkenstock Sandal - Needs Cork
Birkenstock Sandal  with New Bumpers
Example of Shoe That Needs New Cork
New Bumpers
Birkenstock Sandal s with New Liners
EVA Soles, Heel Plate & Tap
New Liners
Clockwise from Left: EVA Soles, Super Grip, Stitched Soles, Heel Plate & Tap

If you need any repair services that are not on this list, call
TOLL FREE: 1-877-SLO-BIRK (Monday-Saturday)

Time Frame

Most repair services can be done within a few days after receiving your shoes. If you need them back by a certain date you must make note of it with your shoes.

Sometimes soles, footbeds, liners, ETC. are on back order and we can not perform the work until specific parts arrive. This may cause delays. If it looks like we will not be able to get a needed part within a week, we will call or E-mail you with an ETA of the situation. If we can get the part quickly, we will order it and repair your shoes as soon as it arrives.

Repair Evaluations

Send us your Birkenstocks for an evaluation so that we can recommend what is necessary to repair them. Send them to:

3523 S. Higuera St, #B
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
ATT: Repair Center

Please make any Checks or Money Orders payable to

Please add $10.50 for UPS ground shipping for return shipping.

Note: Some older models may not be available for repair. You may want to call us first to check out the repair capabilities. If we receive a pair that we cannot repair, you may be subceptable to a shipping and handling fee to send them back to you.

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