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The latest and hottest Birkenstock styles are here! One look and it's easy to see the fresh inspirations throughout all the Birkenstock lines!

This year's styles reinforce the Birkenstock belief that well-built, comfortable footwear inspires your senses as much as it does your body. Check out the new lively patterns and natural materials. All styles are both functional and beautiful. They're fun and easy to wear and are also rejuvenating and refreshing. They're perfect for any activity and enhance everything you do! Virtually all of the Birkenstocks shown below can be found in our current catalog.

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Birkenstock Footwear Options

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Although some of the more popular styles may be adopted into our classic section and carried for years to come, most of these color & style combinations will not beavailable after this season. These styles or colors may be discontinued at the end of the season. At that time you can search for them at the SaleShoeShack, the internet's number one site discontinued and discounted footwear in association with Some of these styles are the same as in the Classic section, but are using a particular color, pattern, or material that makes this color and style combination a seasonal one.

Birkenstock Materials

Once you find a style you are interested in, it is helpful to know what the material is on that particular style. The materials used to make Birkenstock shoes and sandals can be divided into two categories: Leather and Non-leather. Most of the styles that use Non-leather uppers (straps) still use suede liners (under your foot.)

If you are looking for non-leather models, then check out our Classic 100% Non-Leather Styles.

Birkentock Leathers

birkenstock smooth leather

Smooth Leather

A style in smooth leather will have a shiny classic finish. If "leather" is all that is listed, it refers to this type of finish. This leather finish is easy to shine, polish, and clean since potential stains slide right off. The smooth leather can be easily dressed up, but is just as easily worn on casual days.
birkenstock suede leather
Suede Leather A suede finish is very soft to the touch and is often the easiest to break in. It has a rough appearance and therefore is better suited for more casual outfits. Cleaning is also fairly easy since once a cleaner is used, you just rough up the leather again with a brush.
birkenstock nubuck leather
Nubuck Leather This leather finish has been buffed and looks similar to velvet. It is not as soft as the suede, but is softer than the smooth leather. Nubuck is a little harder to keep clean, so a leather protector is recommended.
birkenstock waxy leather
Waxy Leather A waxy finish has been applied over buffed leather resulting in a more distressed look. The wax does help in protecting the leather. It takes on a comfortable look.
birkenstock embossed leather
Embossed Leather A variety of patterns and textures are embossed onto a combination of nubuck and smooth leather.
birkenstock burnished leather
Burnished Leather An Antique textured smooth leather with a glossy finish.

Birkenstock Non-Leather Options

birkenstock 100% wool
100% Wool
Soft and fuzzy, it offers cozy comfort with breathability.
birkenstock birko-flor
This option looks like smooth leather but is actually a blend of acrylic and polyamide felt fibers. All of the non-leather options are very soft and easy to break in.
birkenstock birki buc
This option is the non-leather version of nubuck and is made from the same materials that birko-flor is made from.
birkenstock polyurethane
This water-and stain-resistant material is used to create our Birki clogs.
birkenstock ethyl vinyl acetate
(Ethyl Vinyl Acetate)
Softer and lighter than polyurethane, EVA is water and stain resistant and is used in our Birki Sport Clogs and in the soles of our classic styles.
birkenstock microfiber
Soft synthetic material with suede-like finish. Very durable for lasting comfort.
birkenstock birkofelt
Synthetic fibers are spun in an open weave to give a felt appearance. Very cozy looking!

Innovative Materials

Birkenstock makes all of their hiking shoes using Sympatex ®, a waterproof, breatheable material to keep feet dry while allowing moisture to pass through. Sympatex ® is a non-porous membrane that holds up under tough conditions and extended use. Sympatex ® is layered within the shoe covering to provide lasting comfort and durability.


Important Notice - Footwear Care

Read the Insert

Inside each box is a care tip sheet on how to protect and take care of your Birkenstock footwear. It talks about cork sealer, resoling, heat warning, etc.. Please read this insert: your Birkenstock footwear will last longer!


Straps Too Loose? Consider Punching Holes

It is customary to have extra holes punched in the straps of your new Birkenstocks. A lot of the time people think that the pair they are trying on is too big. When in fact, it is the right size, the straps just need a few extra holes punched in them. Having enough holes allows you to keep the front straps snug, so that your heels stay back in the heel cup. The straps will then loosen as they are worn to create a more comfortable fit. When you break in a pair of Birkenstocks, it's important that your heel reaches all the way back in the heel cup.

anatomy of a birkenstock

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Other great brands product comparison to UGG Australia styles - Sheepskin footwear galore!