Birkenstock 3/4 Length Insole Birko Tex


The BirkoTex™ insole is made of a breathable, synthetic material. Discreet and ready to add comfort and support.

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Product Details

  • Anatomically Shaped Footbed
  • Long lasting foam – gentle support
  • BirkoTex™ lined

Product Details

Size (Unisex European)

35 Regular, 36 Regular, 37 Regular, 38 Regular, 39 Regular, 40 Regular, 41 Regular, 42 Regular, 43 Regular, 44 Regular, 45 Regular, 46 Regular, 47 Regular, 48 Regular

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What’s my Birkenstock shoe size?

The best way to find your matching Birkenstock European shoe size is to add:

  • +30 to your American size for women
  • +33 to your American size for men
  • +17 to your American size for kids

Some exceptions apply.
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