Nice Santa Cruzer Deep Grey Suede Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Slipper



Product Details

This style comes with the NBF911S removable custom footbed made by Nice Brand Footwear. The footbed has a good size Toe Grip, Medial arch, Cuboid arch, Metatarsal arch and heel cup. It also has a 3/4 length CORK Core inside the footbed with a soft EVA top deck and microfiber liner.

Location of Use: This style is mostly for outside the home and is used for all day everywhere comfort. The suede pairs could be used as a house shoe. The oiled leather pairs are intended as an all-around outdoor shoe and can even be used as great comfy supportive work shoes.

Product Details

Size (US Womens)

10 Regular, 6 Regular, 7 Regular, 8 Regular, 9 Regular


Lining100% Merino Sheepskin
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